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Audio and mobile software development

We are the bridge between your ideas, needs, ... and your final products.

Plugins or applications, from standalone applications to DAW plugins ( vst, vst3, AU, AUv3, AAX, Unity, Wwise,…). Through the frameworks Juce, Qt, Xmos…. 

We deliver for desktop and mobiles devices ( Osx, Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, Embedded).

3D to Juce

Directly from 3d software ( Blender) or even 3d design from your requirements, to filmstrips and implementation into Juce.

juqa solutions
juqa solutions

UI to Juce​

Translation to Juce::Graphics code based ( no filmstrip)  from vector based design ( Figma, Inkscape, Photoshop, Illustrator,…).

Possibility to produce graphic design too from your requirements and prototyping  from vector based software.

Fully resizable and responsive plugins and applications.

resizable widow
juqa solutions
vector based translation to juce
vector based translation to juce
vector based translation to juce
block diagram

DSP to Juce

DSP conception or translation from block diagram,  and implementation. Real time audio processing algorithms optimization.


Code, resources, architecture and maintainability optimization. Issues solving.

performance optimization
phone and tablet applications

Multiple devices

Phone, Tablet, Desktop audio applications

Quality assurance

Quality assurance through version control, tests and debugging

version control
catch2 test


Copyrights protection and security.

Make sure things run smoothly

Project management and consulting.

project management

Audio specialists, but not only...

We can deliver all kind of applications, just tell us about your needs.


Our public Github repositories and our freeware page

Have a look at our public repositories on Github and at our creations page. We spread free plugins and applications.

team coordination

About Us

We are passionate about audio, music and development.

juqa solutions is founded and managed by Julien Caubet, experienced sound engineer and developer.

For each project, if necessary, a team of specialists is formed to best meet the complexity of your needs. like:
     -Julien Quality assurance
     -Julien Quality Audio
     -Julien Quality Applications
     -Julien Questions Answers

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